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Photography to me is the slice of time forever captured. You can't get that moment in time back. It's the only way someone can physically relive a moment or memory in their lives. You can hold a print, look at a screen, and share it with someone else. This invokes the memory of that moment, bringing back everything else you remember and things thought forgotten. There is something Intriguing to me about being in the moment and making that capture.

I created this page to kind of take you on a journey of my photographic endeavors and give back what I've learned. I feel like photography is an extension of yourself so I won't get hung up on specs and megapixels. Just being in the moment. It's also giving me reason to flex some of my creative juices. Let's just hope we all learn something along the way. The links on the right hand side of the screen will get you on your way!

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