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I read recently that film photography is the new "craft" photography. Craft is a word I am not too fond of. Kind of marketing speak if you ask me but I am willing to see how this plays out. A younger generation of photographers are getting into film for its hands on approach. Maybe the hipsters are ushering in a new era for film. I sure hope so. Just imagine a film gallery a la coffee shop. You can be sure it's already happened.

I have recently updated all my digital equipment. My commercial shoots are now providing some of the highest resolutions available. Personally I really don't need all of that resolution. My clients do and I totally understand it. In fact I'm really into the old way of taking photos. Shoot, Get them processed, wait two weeks to get them back, and repeat. How did the world function having to wait all that time to get their photos back? I don't know but it's kind of tragic the world has moved on from this beloved medium. 

I am going to regularly (means hopefully) update these pages as often as I get filmed developed. I think everyone should shoot film. It's not nearly as clinically sharp as digital but it sure does have a look of its own. I don't want to go on and on about my opinion on this. I will just say that tonality is films' greatest strength. This lack of harshness makes it wonderful. Film hasn't made its last stand just yet. Enjoy.

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